Obamacare Adds Millions of Medicaid Beneficiaries

Obamacare is going to greatly increase the cost of Medicaid by offering insurance policies to 30 million additional people, many of whom have a pre-existing condition or can’t afford to pay. A substantial part of the cost is going to be added to the cost of insurance paid for by employers and individuals who have been struggling to contain health care costs.

It is unrealistic to offer the same level of care to those who pay nothing for their insurance as we offer to the people who pay for their insurnace. How are we going to be able to control costs except by reducing benefits, payments to providers, or by requiring co-pays and deductibles? It will be unfair to collect deductibles and co-pays from those who pay for their insurance, but not from Medicaid beneficies.

Employers have or will stop hiring to avoid Obamacare requirements or will stop offering insurance to empoloyees and pay the penalty as will individual insureds. Individuals will buy the insurannce when they get sick without fear of having a pre-existing condition. The cost of insurance will skyrocket and the penalties will inevitably go up.

Obamacare makes no economic sense.


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